Quantum Sealant

Seal The Deal (And The Vehicle)

With Quantum Interior & Exterior Sealant, bonding occurs on a molecular level, allowing for superior adhesion and added longevity of the product.

Sealant programs aren’t new, but our Quantum Sealant System for leather & fabric provides a level of protection and service that is unparalleled in the automotive industry. Protection programs and products are easily sold from F&I or in your Aftermarket Department, this is an excellent profit center for your dealership!

Quantum Exterior and Interior Auto Sealant Logo

Program Features:

  • We offer a 5 year warranty on new vehicles, and a 3 year warranty on pre-owned vehicles.
  • Fully insured program by an A-rated provider.
  • Point of Sales/Marketing materials provided (brochures, videos, posters,) at no cost to you.
  • On-site Training Provided
  • Renewal options at the end of the warranty term steers your customer back to you for re-application of product.

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