Auto Dealer Software

Auto Dealer Software

Wireless Inventory Tracking

With our tracking software, know exactly where your vehicles are on the lot reducing your dealership staffs time searching for vehicles and eliminating any bottlenecks in your dealership process. Dealer Linx database begins with a real-time synchronization with the DMS inventory. All vehicles are synchronized to allow dealers a real-time view of their inventory moving through vendor processes and departments. The database is accessible from any device and also provides mobile notifications. You’ll know exactly where your vehicles are throughout the process at all times minimizing turnaround time and allowing your vehicles to be front-line ready sooner.

VIN Barcode Scanning

Keep information accurate and reduce data entry time with our industry leading VIN barcode scanning technology.

Biometric Time Clock

Our biometric time clock system to help eliminate payroll system glitches while simultaneously stabilizing your payroll system. Biometric time clocks utilize some of the leading technology available today as far as time and attendance software goes.

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