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David Valon, 10/10/51 – 02/23/10

About Uniseal

Back in 1980, automotive dealers around the United States hired, managed, and trained their own make ready departments. Our founder David Valon, or as we liked to call him Dave, saw dealership management constantly distracted with managing the day to day operations of their make-ready departments pulling them away from their main objective of SELLING CARS.

Dave had a vision to help dealerships manage their make-ready departments increasing wash quality, time to market and reducing cost. In 1983, Uniseal was born and for the last 37 years has set the standard of excellence in the automotive industry. Unfortunately, in February of 2010, we lost Dave to a heart attack. The Uniseal team mourns the loss of our fearless leader everyday but we continue his memory in our quality, passion for the automotive industry and customer service.


  • 37 years of excellent customer service in the automotive industry
  • We will increase your vehicles time to market and wash quality keeping your lot looking top notch
  • We are fully insured by Zurich for workers compensation and garage policy keeping your dealership covered.
  • Chemical inventory and compliance issues associated with all government agencies (OSHA, EPA, etc)
  • Allows your sales and service managers to focus on their positions increasing your dealership revenue and profits.


What Sets Us Apart

EXPERIENCE: Currently with over 600 employees in over 130 automotive dealerships throughout the Texas and the Gulf Coast states. We have the knowledge to provide a high quality and consistent product, as well as the depth of employees to provide your dealer with the proper amount of people to get the job done.

FULLY INSURED & ACCREDITED: Our employees and services will be covered for any unexpected event that may occur on site.

ELECTRONIC INVOICING: Minimize the amount of paperwork pushed through your accounting department, and have easy access to records for vehicle tracking.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING & certificate PROGRAMS: Training programs for all aspects of safety, make ready and service drive support. Employees are required to take basic courses, and can advance their position through taking advanced courses.

What We Do For You

WARRANTIES: Over the last 28 years, Uniseal Dealer Services has been committed to serving its automotive dealers with the highest quality, fully insured products and services available. Uniseal insists on only providing quality coverage benefits for its customers that will enhance the ownership experience. Uniseal offers the most complete and turnkey programs available today, from Finance/ Aftermarket to complete product installation and claims adjudication.

At Uniseal we set the standard that others try to follow. Our 37 years of knowledge and tenure in the automotive arena is key to the continued development of the most innovative and successful programs in the market today. Uniseal will continue to bring the most innovative programs and best insurance carriers for complete peace of mind for our customers. Uniseal understands the challenges of the automotive market today and with our experience and knowledge Uniseal will continue to help keep you dealerships moving forward with consistent and successful programs.

SERVICES: Uniseal Dealer Services’ goals remain intact after almost 30 years to simply be the best. It sounds simple on paper but after dedicating so many hours and years with our employees and customers to exceed the standard on auto detailing and meet 100% CSI for appearance of vehicles on the lot and at delivery.

PRODUCTS: Windshield protection, theft protection, and other quality products at your side and on your team, directly from Uniseal Dealer Services


The Leader in Make-Ready Services

Today, Uniseal is an industry leader in the make ready services department. We are supported by 1000 employees, including our operations management staff that all have a long tenure with our company. In fact, many have over 20 years’ experience. We have many account relations that exceed over 25 years of continuous service. There are many choices in our industry today. Uniseal Dealer Services will exceed your expectations

David Valon – Founder


Uniseal Dealer Services | 102 Sampson St. | Houston, TX 77003 | 1.866.839.4953

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